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We challenge ourselves to go beyond the common knowledge and experience in mental health. Because few people seek and want to find success beyond the 'norm', we explore, learn and develop alternate avenues to bring the knowledge into clinical practice.
By tapping into the body's wisdom, we help the healing process to activate itself.  We do this by 'processing' emotions and feelings about traumas so that the body considers them as 'irrelevant' for spending energy on them. At this point the body's creativity, problem solving skills and wisdom starts to surface.

Our client base consists  mostly of people who do not want to depend on psychiatric drugs or who want to come off drugs for stress related health problems. This includes but not limited to insomnia, digestive problems including ulcers, Ulcerative colitis, Leaking gut, recurrent infections and hypertension to name a few. 
We help our clients by offering services that are not offered elsewhere. We combine the knowledge of science, psychotherapy and spirituality to bring along the healing of the whole person. 
At BR Clinic Stress Centre we treat each patient with compassion and dignity. 

We provide the following programmes:
  • Grief Resolution Programme
  • Anger Reduction Programme
  • Trauma Reduction Programme
  • Psychotherapeutic Coaching
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Stress Reduction Training
  • Psychotherapy Using Imagery & Relaxation
Our services include:
  • Grief Resolution Programme: 3 Sessions
This is our first innovative programme. It is suitable for someone who has lost a close friend or a relative or a relationship. With imagery and simple breathing exercises, the client is guided to the end point of grief. The end point is arrived at when the client is emotionally 'comfortable' with the loss. This programme is an alternative for traditional bereavement or grief therapy that can take a long time to complete. This programme can be completed in two weeks. Cost € 120 per consultation/ session of 30 minutes or € 300 for the full programme paid in advance ( a saving of €60). 

  • Anger Reduction Programme: 6 Sessions
This is our second innovative programme. This programme has been designed by Dr Pradeep K Chadha. It is ideal for people who need to address their aggression, hostility and who are considered 'bullies' by others. It is not suitable for those who are on psychiatric medications at present. The aim of the programme is to teach a client skills to help themselves address their anger. The  progress is evaluated by using psychometric methods.This programme can be completed in six weeks. Cost: €150 for first consultation and € 120 for successive consultations.For the whole programme the cost is € 625 when paid in advance ( a saving of €125). Duration of each consultation/ session is 30 minutes excepting the first one which is of longer duration.

  • Trauma Reduction Programme: 9 Sessions
This is our third innovative programme. It has been designed by Dr Pradeep K Chadha. This programme has evolved from EMDR, hypnosis and imagery.It is ideal for addressing single or few traumatic events.Since it is time bound, this programme is not suitable for those who have a history of abuse. The key to treat traumatic stress is to address anger issues. This programme addresses that anger. When the client has worked through their trauma, their memory of the event becomes hazy.The progress is evaluated by using psychometric methods. Cost: €120 for each consultation or € 900 for the full programme when paid in advance( a saving of € 180) Duration of each session is 30 minutes excepting the first one which is of longer duration.

  • Psychotherapeutic Coaching : 10 Sessions
This is our fourth  innovative programme. Psychotherapy is about 'addressing the past' and involves collective responsibility of the therapist and the client to work. Coaching is about 'the present' and the client is totally responsible for their goals and their progress. As both involve home work, combining the two can be done easily. Clients can bring their issues to the table and decide which one would they like to work with. The coach or therapist gives them homework on the topic they chose to address.For each issue they address, they go through stages of- agitation, anger, sadness or grief, physical tiredness and then resolution-in this order. The homework involves less than 10 minutes of imagery and breathing exercises( and not more). Evaluation is done before and after the treatment. Cost: €120 for first consultation and for successive consultations. Duration of each consultation/session is 30 - 40 minutes excepting the first one which is of longer duration.

  • Nutritional Medicine
Nutritional Medicine is also called Orthomolecular Medicine. According to the practitioners of nutritional  medicine, many psychiatric and medical conditions are caused by deficiency and imbalance of nutrition. Most of the work in this area was done by Carl Pfeifer and Abram Hofer. Recently interest has been generated in this area by people like Andrew Weil. Now many psychiatrists in the US and Europe are exploring this avenue of treatment which is less costly and has virtually unknown side effects. Zinc deficiency and copper excess for example, have been attributed to some cases of schizophrenia. So has been Vitamin B3 deficiency- that causes symptoms of Pellagra, not unlike psychosis. Vitamin B6 deficiency has been known to be one of the causes of depression. Low cholesterol have been found in many people who have committed suicide. 

  • Psychiatric Assessment
For some people psychiatric assessment is needed. It is a detailed information gathering exercise that involves mental state examination, physical examination and investigations. Psychiatric medications may be recommended. Referral from the general practitioners is preferred but not mandatory. Research done by Dr Dinesh Bhugra, past president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists suggests that 40% to 60% of people suffering with depression do not seek help from a general practitioner or a psychiatrist (Paper presented in BIPA conference 16 June 2012). BR Clinic Stress Centre is open to everyone who is seeking help for psychiatric assessment. Cost: € 120 for consultation. 

  • Stress Reduction Training
Stress Reduction training is available to individuals and groups. Stress also has emotional effects and is also caused by emotional issues. The focus of this programme is to teach methods to reduce stress that help to increase productivity, performance and improve relationships. It is a six session programme that is suitable for executives. It focuses on the current and past conditioning to life events that are responsible for the experience of 'Stress'. The cost of the programme is € 150 for the first consultation and €120 for each successive consultation. When paid in full the programme costs €625 ( a saving of €125). 

  • Psychotherapy using Imagery & Relaxation
This is a programme for clients whose needs cannot be met by the above programmes. Clients who are on medications and those who have been affected by many traumatic events are suitable for this programme. Many of the clients come with the goal of either coming off psychiatric medications or to reduce the medications. They are encouraged to do it with the help of the physician who is prescribing the medications. At BR Clinic Stress Centre, they are helped to address their grief, anger and trauma issues. As the bottled up emotional tension is released, their need for the medications reduces. One of the common signs that they need less medications is that they sleep in excess, many times upto 14 hours a day. Cost € 120 for each consultation. The duration of each consultation is 40-50  minutes. 
Most of our services are also available by Skype and by phone. 

We have expertise in dealing with:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety disorders.
Anger- including Aggressive Behaviour, hostility and self destructive behaviour. 
Stress- including bullying, harassment, work stress and domestic violence. 
Grief and Bereavement
Addictions- including alcohol dependence, work life imbalance and gambling. 
Abuse- Physical, Emotional, Sexual.
Most adult psychiatric conditions on psychiatric drugs.

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